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    Re: Hydrazine Hydrate Reg (gallons) mixed w Nitric Acid & ot

    Posted by Dave Smith on 11/06/07

    On 2/22/05, Suzanne wrote:
    > On 11/18/04, RWalsh wrote:
    >> Caoimhin Connell, do you remember ?
    >> Hydrazine Hydrate Reg.
    >> I am needing your help and my Aty said he retained your
    >> service in California. I am being railroaded by Fed OSHA,
    >> and involved in a case agains a company mismanaging
    >> Hazardous Chemicals, disregarding MSDS, Compatability, Prop
    >> 65 of CA., State and OSHA Regs. I was exposed to Hydrazine
    >> Hydrate, No warnings,dangers, Toxic, Carcinogen or Health
    >> (triangel color codes) filled in. Reprodutive Toxins,
    >> Silver Plating chems mixed with Acids, Sodiums,Methyls of
    >> all kinds. Please indicate how to get intouch with you.
    > I was googling toxins in silver plating when I came across
    > this. I work for a company that imports goods from China. I
    > visited a pewter factory recently and saw the conditions of
    > their silver plating facilities. The workers were walking
    > around exposed (their only protective gear was aprons and
    > rubber gloves) to the vats in which they 'dipped' products
    > into the silver plating solution. Isn't this extremely
    > toxic?? How toxic is the silver plating process to the
    > workers involved, and to the environment when there is no
    > proper ventilation?
    > Would greatly appreciate any feedback.
    > Suzanne

    Depends on if the silver plating bath was cyanide or non-
    cyanide base. A cyless bath does not necessarily need exhaust
    if done in an open space...little emissions. Cyanide based
    need exhaust.

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