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    Post: Hydrazine Hydrate Reg (gallons) mixed w Nitric Acid & other

    Posted by RWalsh on 11/18/04

    Caoimhin Connell, do you remember ?

    Hydrazine Hydrate Reg.
    I am needing your help and my Aty said he retained your
    service in California. I am being railroaded by Fed OSHA,
    and involved in a case agains a company mismanaging
    Hazardous Chemicals, disregarding MSDS, Compatability, Prop
    65 of CA., State and OSHA Regs. I was exposed to Hydrazine
    Hydrate, No warnings,dangers, Toxic, Carcinogen or Health
    (triangel color codes) filled in. Reprodutive Toxins,
    Silver Plating chems mixed with Acids, Sodiums,Methyls of
    all kinds. Please indicate how to get intouch with you.

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