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    Re: Unknowingly removing asbestos

    Posted by Al Tibbs, CIAQT on 5/26/04


    As a consultant that deals daily with mold, water damage,
    construction defects and asbestos, I can tell you that what
    you discuss is a huge problem. I have, on several occassions
    been called in during and after remediations to find
    asbestos containing materials damaged by unqualified
    remediation companies. This type of poor remediation goes on
    daily, exposing consumers to friable asbestos, mold and
    whatever fungicides the remediation contractor uses.

    The solution is for attorneys to start looking at the
    charlatans that are taking advantage of consumers and making
    them compensate consumers that are hurt by their practices.
    Those that refer such companies (e.g. real estate persons)
    should also be held to account.

    On 5/15/04, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    > For anyone who may know,
    > I have seen occasions where more than one consultant
    > investigating water damage situations where microbial
    > growth has occured and they directed a contractor to
    > building materials that may contain asbestos given the
    > of the properties (1950's and 1060's).
    > I know the contractors have violated federal law. What
    > civil relief can they get for the bad directions by the
    > consultants who are highly paid pump jockeys?
    > What about the libility of the property owner even if they
    > are in the dark?
    > I have walked from several jobs refusing to do it the
    > way. I just wonder if any lawyers are looking at this
    > common problem in the mold remediation industry.
    > Regards,
    > Greg Weatherman
    > Aerobiological Solutions Inc.
    > Arlington VA 22202

    C.L.I. Building Science Consultants

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