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    Post: 4th Amendment

    Posted by Deborah on 12/15/09

    this may seem off topic, but when you consider many
    governmental agency inter-office communications being exempt
    from FOIA and the wealth of evidence obtained from
    inter-office memos in proving misconduct, RICO, or other
    criminal activity it is not so irrelevant.

    do the officers have a reasonable expectation of privacy
    using communications devices provided by their employers,
    ultimately the citizens, to be used in the scope of their
    employment or are their communiques on these employer
    provided devices to be considered public records?
    Supreme Court takes up text privacy case
    Police in Ontario, California, say their rights were
    violated when their boss read text messages sent on
    city-provided devices. The Supreme Court will hear an appeal
    in the case.

    By David G. Savage

    December 15, 2009

    Reporting from Washington

    The Supreme Court said Monday it would rule for the first
    time on whether employees had a right to privacy when they
    sent text messages on electronic devices supplied by their

    The justices agreed to hear an appeal from the city of
    Ontario, which was successfully sued by police Sgt. Jeff
    Quon and three other officers after their text messages --
    some of which were sexually explicit -- were read by the
    police chief.

    At issue is whether the chief violated their rights under
    the 4th Amendment, which forbids "unreasonable searches" by
    the government. The Supreme Court's ruling on the issue, due
    by June, could set new rules for the workplace in public
    agencies, and perhaps in private companies as well.

    While the 4th Amendment applies only to the government, many
    judges rely on the high court's privacy rulings in deciding
    disputes in the private sector, legal experts say.

    Entire article here;,0,5684529.story

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