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    Re: Tox. and Epi. Evidence for exposure limit setting

    Posted by sharon on 12/16/09

    LOL. Love this paper. Pg 847. Think I may soon be using it.

    12. Dose-effect and dose-response
    12.1. Dose considerations and extrapolation from animal
    Intratracheal and intranasal instillation circumvent the
    normal deposition processses in the airways, and distribute
    spores deeper into the lung. The dose that reaches the
    lung is also increased compared with inhalation. However,
    intratracheally instilled dust was less homogeneously
    distributed in the lung with little dust reaching the
    periphery (Pritchard, 1985). This may lead to local overload
    conditions and Pritchard et al. recommended not to
    extrapolate doseresponse relationships from animal studies
    that applied intratracheal instillation to the human
    condition (Pritchard, 1985). Such studies are therefore not
    considered further.
    In some animal inhalation studies, the applied dose was
    estimated by viable counts in lung tissue obtained shortly
    (up to 4 hours) after challenge. This method probably
    underestimates the applied dose to a large extent and such
    studies were also omitted in the dose-effect and dose-response

    On 12/16/09, Deborah wrote:
    > Haven't read it, just saw it.
    > Critical Reviews in Toxicology, 2009; 39(10): 799864
    > Fungal spores: A critical review of the toxicological and
    > epidemiological evidence as a basis for occupational
    > exposure limit setting
    > /fungalsporesreview.pdf

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