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    Re: Cause of Potato Famine & Why Its Coming Back

    Posted by Deborah on 12/31/09

    Point taken. Waste of space, but the facts speak for themselves.

    Perhaps you should direct some of your remarks to the poster claiming to be Mike B.

    On 12/30/09, Deano wrote:
    > Oy vey.
    > It has been a long while since I spent time on TOXLAW, but the recent banter seems a bit over the
    > top. Deborah: I know that you and I have had some terse exchanges over the recent years, but
    > please, do your best to avoid the personnel sparring with Mike B. It serves no one’s interest, as
    > far as I can tell. That is only my opinion, of course, but I don’t believe hanging personal
    > information out on the eternal internet is a good thing. Please note that I have had some early
    > New Year’s cheer this evening, so my comments may be a bit out of character. And of dubious
    > merit.
    > I thought that this recent quote RE: potato famine was particularly interesting:
    > "This pathogen has an exquisite ability to adapt and change, and that's what makes it so
    > dangerous…"
    > The same could be said for any successful life form. Present company included.
    > Happy New Year all.

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