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    Post: Missing posts

    Posted by Deborah on 12/30/09

    There are a few posts missing, an exchange between Mike B,
    Sharon and myself, this was in last couple of months.

    I believe he brought up something about a remark he
    attributed to Sharon about someone "burning in hell" and I
    replied that I was stunned he'd have the nerve to bring that
    up considering what he, if he is the Mike B who was my
    landlord, had done to my child and me by putting us in a
    defective building and failing to tell us of serious gas
    leaks, in fact working to cover up the defects, misinforming
    me, making unauthorized entries, and more. The Mike B who
    was my former landlord also had a higher standard of
    responsibility due to his former occupation of being a
    plumber/pipefitter yet he replaced a gas utility meter with
    one pulled from another rental property after the utility
    company pulled the meter due to its failing a leak down
    test. I went on with detail regarding some of the court
    proceedings ...

    This exchange is gone and here he is, now using the names of
    people that have nothing to do with any of this. Tactically,
    he has shown himself, rather his character.

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