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    Re: Missing posts

    Posted by Deborah on 12/30/09

    Any idea why those posts are missing, O Omniscient one who
    speaks for nobody and everybody?

    Where is my child today, Mike? And why is that relevant here?

    I am waiting to hear what you claim the three people you
    mentioned have to say about my "doings".

    On 12/30/09, Mike B. wrote:
    > The same old, tired story keeps spewing forth like a broken
    > toilet. Nobody cares about your BS, Deb. You've never
    > provided any proof of anything to anybody....eve the court.
    > Why don't you tell everybody where your child is today?
    > On 12/30/09, Deborah wrote:
    >> There are a few posts missing, an exchange between Mike B,
    >> Sharon and myself, this was in last couple of months.
    >> I believe he brought up something about a remark he
    >> attributed to Sharon about someone "burning in hell" and I
    >> replied that I was stunned he'd have the nerve to bring that
    >> up considering what he, if he is the Mike B who was my
    >> landlord, had done to my child and me by putting us in a
    >> defective building and failing to tell us of serious gas
    >> leaks, in fact working to cover up the defects, misinforming
    >> me, making unauthorized entries, and more. The Mike B who
    >> was my former landlord also had a higher standard of
    >> responsibility due to his former occupation of being a
    >> plumber/pipefitter yet he replaced a gas utility meter with
    >> one pulled from another rental property after the utility
    >> company pulled the meter due to its failing a leak down
    >> test. I went on with detail regarding some of the court
    >> proceedings ...
    >> This exchange is gone and here he is, now using the names of
    >> people that have nothing to do with any of this. Tactically,
    >> he has shown himself, rather his character.

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