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    Re: Kelman v Kramer ruling 12.29.09

    Posted by johncodie on 1/06/10

    On 1/06/10, Deborah wrote:
    > so, you would have no problem with your name being used prominently to market
    > a product for the purpose of generating a profit even if you were unaware of
    > it and thus without having authorized its use, especially if the product was
    > of little merit and may very well cause harm by it promoting false and/or
    > seriously flawed information?

    I believe it has been proven, at least confirmed that Ms Kramer had a prior
    legal disagreement with Kelman and made the decision to make that known in
    public as to cause some type damage to Mr. Kelman. Either it to make up for the
    losses she incurred as a result, or for the emotional benefits of retribution.
    The facts of the case have been sketchy but the time involved in the history
    appears to be from eight to ten years.

    Why would I have a problem with my name being used, it is not trade marked and
    most reputable establishment has one designated for either of the
    sexes. "John". Mr Saxon was a member of an association and had entered into
    some agreements of peer review. Mrs Obama just got her picture on the side of
    busses for not wearing furs. The White House might not be happy about it, but
    she is a public figure, and has previously expressed her opinion.

    Mr Saxon is a public figure and was involved in writting a paper for a group.
    He had knowledge, and associations. Did he or has he written a paper that
    totaly disagrees with what was published. Where is his paper? He stated that
    the laymans terms paper was published with his name on it. That may be true,
    that might be false. Was Mr Saxon ever involed in the Globaltox firm? It is a
    matter of record they were employed on a common paper.

    With ever emerging tort reform, I would not place much of any faith in a laymens
    term position paper. Much of all LCD televisions made today are made in china,
    and are disposable with no repair parts made. Love those extended warranties
    for labor and repair without repair parts made. This has come to the bare
    minimum insurance companies pays, and health care reform that has not been
    defined as to the metrics of equality of care.

    Sure Kramer had a beef with Kelman in extrapolating animal data to say her
    daughters near death due to mycotoxins in their home was'nt supported by the
    medical community. But that does not provide the data to the contray. The
    accusation of misconduct of Mr. Kelman by Ms Kramer as to perjury has not been
    substantiated by the judicial system. I don't see any court entertaining any
    malfesence correction that has gone this long.

    One of our Supreme Court Justices approached the Legislature with the following
    quote "Justice Delayed, Justice Denied". One of our most notable civil right
    judges begin 18 months in Kentucky prison for lying to the FBI concerning one
    lie. It was a lie about a conversation and association.

    I see from Ms Kramers recent posting some decline. It shows the lack of rest
    and continue persuit of trival matters. More dribble or grammer correction. If
    the justice department can't get the Emit Teel murder back into trail what would
    warrant misuse of a prior contributor on a laymens paper on effects of

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