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    Re: Kelman v Kramer ruling 12.29.09

    Posted by johncodie on 1/07/10

    On 1/06/10, Sharon wrote:
    > John Codie,
    > What planet do you live on????? No, my daughter never claimed illness from
    > mycotoxins. No, there is no Grand Jury involved. No, the litigation is not
    > complete. We are before the Appellate Court. And No, to much more stuff you are
    > making up off the top of your head about my life. Cut it out. If you can't get
    > facts straight, don't write.

    So your now claiming your daughter never almost stopped breathing at the hospital,
    as you move out of your home into an adjoing travel trailer? Don't you know the
    difference between criminal court procedings? Why are you claiming criminal
    investigations if there is no Grand Jury? You claim a "Win" in Appellate Court
    where you don't even have a court date? Justice Delayed Justice Denied! Appeals
    Court must mean there is a summary judgement against you that you don't agree with
    the misconduct you committed. That would mean your willing to post a "bond" with
    the court. A "Win" is continuing to pay legal bills to reverse a decision? A case
    where the person you harmed was an expert witness in a previous civil case that
    didn't go the way you liked. There was no maliace in the claim of the expert
    witness continuing to perjury himself. And there is no Grand Jury, or DA involved
    in this perjury?

    Since your Kramer and the case is against you, and your attorny can only argue the
    errors of ruling or ommission of facts supressed in discovery,or not discovered.
    Where are these new found facts. Where is Mr Saxons paper that supports Kelman lied?

    The public that you claim to support should know how rich the attorny's are getting
    over a accusation of perjury alleged by yourself. Justice Delayed, Justice Denied.
    The judge basicly said when you have your information for your appeal please post
    the evidence papers to the court, costing more money, and please advise the
    plantiffs of a negotiated court date. After a prolonged period of time the clerk
    will notifiy your attorneys of removing your case from the court.

    And since you appear to be prone to slander those you don't agree with, you should
    probably be best advised from your attornys to stop posting, and claiming criminal
    activity on the person you slandered and haven't provided compensation.


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