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    Re: Kelman v Kramer ruling 12.29.09

    Posted by johncodie on 1/07/10

    On 1/07/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 1/06/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> John Codie,
    >> What planet do you live on????? No, my daughter never claimed illness from
    >> mycotoxins. No, there is no Grand Jury involved. No, the litigation is not
    >> complete. We are before the Appellate Court. And No, to much more stuff you are
    >> making up off the top of your head about my life. Cut it out. If you can't get
    >> facts straight, don't write.
    Your quote in 2008 after the jury trail ruled against you.

    "BTW, we are appealing the verdict as I was not allowed to discuss the science or my
    research into the conflicts in my defense. As a result, the jury was not privvy to key

    And from the recent appellage court asking the court clerk to patiently wait for that
    information you claimed you were not allowed to present in the first trail; everyone
    that sent mony to you on your behalf is still waiting.

    That is from from the new bigger house over looking the lake; when you only received
    $450K from the insurance company. With regard to your specialized marketing training
    from the University of Mississippi you have cited as your credentials for success.
    The Real Estate Boom in Rancho Santa Fae and your ability to politicaly motivate to
    your clients as to its real worth is a testimony your no longer working that circuit.
    Better to align with Ted Kennedy and solicit money from the masses. The evengaligals
    don't have anything to compare with your how do you say it "Stright Talk". Isn't it
    Shoemaker that goes around and solicits the internet for "all that you have done?"

    How much longer do you want your supporter to wait for a reversal in your trail?
    Could you even give a date for filing your paper work since you claim you had not been
    allowed the opportunity in the first trial, and you cliam you had it; and you show up
    on appeal and don't have it. You know "Stright Talk" your full of it, just no
    data, science or research as you continue to claim.

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