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    Re: Kelman v Kramer ruling 12.29.09

    Posted by Sharon on 1/08/10

    Well, you were getting close, but now you are cold again. I most likely cannot
    respond to you anymore til Sunday. So you have two whole days to bash away,
    completely unbridled.

    Hotty Toddy, Have a nice weekend.


    On 1/08/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 1/08/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> You are doing good, John.
    >> Okay. Now with the information you currently posess, ask this question: What is it the courts are
    >> seeking to understand about what occurred in this litigation pre-trial with their questions about
    > the
    >> MSJ and the anti-SLAPP rulings?
    >> To quote from your prior post:
    >> "As a licensed attorney in the state of California, you have an affirmative duty to the
    >>> courts to present the truth and to not attempt to benefit from improvidently entered orders
    >>> based on misrepresentations to the courts. You also have an affirmative duty to inform
    >>> the courts if you have presented misrepresentations, whether initially intentional or not,
    >>> and to request that the courts set aside any and all orders founded on misrepresentations
    >>> you have presented."
    > The courts, the judges, the clerk, the officers of the court aren't giving you, your attorny, your
    > opposing attorny, Kelman, or the even the assitant to the Court that will be willing to take your next
    > dollar of the $400,000 dollar judicial cost you just took 3 and one half years to expedite any
    > consideration. You give yourself too much credit, and proably could not get the time of day from any
    > unless you have restarted the money flow of positive cash payment.
    > They like to forget and have a happy holiday season and hope for a world where Kelman and Kramer could
    > be respectful of each other.
    > The judicial system has provided you several days in court for your defense where you did not
    > prevail. A reputable attorny should have already told you your appeal has no merit. It is you that
    > thinks the judicial system hold your hopes and dreams of a reversal with them each day. From the
    > attorney juror neither side entered the e-mail that changed two to four votes. And you ask to have
    > him request that decision be put aside when it was your own attorny that submitted those e-mail into
    > evidence. That was a wholesale major mistake on his part. Submit evidence not knowing how it was to
    > be used in his defense, No plan. And the no plan continues.
    > How sad you were blinded by the lime light, now three litigations. No court date and probably an
    > attorny waiting for at least some indication you can pay the next round. That would be the cost of at
    > least a half million dollar slander, where it was all supposed to be between you and your attorney.
    > just doesn't make common sense. How did Kelman get wind of the statement? Your recent claim is your
    > former attorny must have leaked the mailice toward Kelman.

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