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    Re: Kelman v Kramer ruling 12.29.09

    Posted by Sharon on 1/08/10

    Time for one more before my private jet arrives. Ya know, like all of us people from Ole Miss have that you
    hate so much. lol

    Question: If you are so over this issue and have wistfully and wisely moved on with your wonderful life,
    then why are you even here daily making these foolish posts?

    Face it, John. You have some very deeply seeded misperceptions in life and what brought you to first start
    attacking me was your bizarre hatred for anyone who went to Ole Miss, especially women...which would lead me
    to believe you were a jilted and scarred beau in your younger day by someone who probably goes by the name of
    Missy or Adalaide. No wait...LaVerne.

    On 1/08/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 1/08/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> Well, you were getting close, but now you are cold again. I most likely cannot
    >> respond to you anymore til Sunday. So you have two whole days to bash away,
    >> completely unbridled.
    >> Hotty Toddy, Have a nice weekend.
    >> Sharon
    > Just keep that Hotty Toddy attitude going. We all know how the Ole Miss Southern Bells are far superior
    > that the Ivy League scholars. I'm only cold because there is a 20 degree windstrom blowing through. I
    > won't be spending the time this weekend. It not my name, my reputation, my money, or my appeal on the
    > back burner. When we received our settlment we took our attony's wise advise to not bring the malice with
    > us to the new neighborhoods from all that worked against us reign. Many of the top players in State
    > Judicials are at prison or on their way. And the children have moved on to those Ivy League campuses
    > which you wish to have the supporting evidence that would prove your claims "correct". It's only noon and
    > you have time to play. You must be depending upon your media agents to show up at the appeal as
    > improperly pepared as you were the first time.
    > When you making your next documentary? I think when ballons boys mom and dad finish doing their time they
    > could be extras in your "How mold toxins" clouded my judgement and is the reason the son was mistaken for
    > a ride. Maybe a cult reunion to ride the next comet. I know people in California, not everone there is
    > fruit cakes and nuts. Stop giving the San Deigo wealthy a bad view of themselves.
    > jc

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