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    Re: Kelman v Kramer ruling 12.29.09

    Posted by johncodie on 1/11/10

    On 1/11/10, Mike B. wrote:
    > Anybody who knows what they're talking about already knows that "environmental justice" is
    > NOT in its infancy. Sharon is totally wrong on this point. She should stick to mold and her related hysteria.

    Sharon has already lost on toxic mold, thats the reason she is trying to form a newer support group that will support her
    new highy desired support group. Her success depends upon the amount of new money her group send to her. Like wise is it
    any suprize Shara Palin has joined fox news. She can't differentiate between a peace loving tribe that lives off the land
    and the warrior tribe that has to attack the working tribe.

    She lays claim to the lake her bigger home overlooks. The gathering tribe knows it is her tribe that has poluted it. Her
    value is not what is can provide but for her view and pleasure. The gathering tribe doesn't want to be part of the white
    man civilization, or the warrior tribe but in peace with the world and spirits that provide the knowledge to survive.

    She has not learned to live within her means and is on the prowl to attack and take more of the peace loving people.

    Enviromental Justice for such as Kelman and Kramer is find a old tree that gives santuary and give back some of what you
    have taken from the Enviroment.

    Are we just savage indians to you with Hotty Toddy, the south will rise again, and a hatchet chop. You can't be at peace
    since you continue to smoke alone, and can't sit with a friend to share your smoke. Planning your next raid.

    I give your native american name of "wild bitter weed". Cyberstaker won't fit since we call know when your coming and
    where you are.

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