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    Re: Kelman v Kramer ruling 12.29.09

    Posted by johncodie on 1/16/10

    On 1/16/10, Sharon wrote:
    > JC,
    > You have it backwards. The COURTS are the ones now questioning
    > what happened with the anti-SLAPP.

    The COURTS aren't doing a thing. They have a full docket, and the
    COURTS don't question a thing. They make rulings on Laws. You or your
    attorny might be doing the leg work but I can assure you the court
    officers are doing the best they can to stay awake.

    > As far a Google map. It is STILL none of your damn business to track
    > where my family is. This a chatboard about the mold issue. Not about
    > a mean spirited little man who lost on his mold litigation and can't
    > stand to see anyone doing better.

    No investigative tracking, you put your address on your correspondence,
    mapquest does the rest. We didn't lose our litigation, in fact the
    aprasier assigned the case provide the attorny a statemenet the
    insurance company's intent was to screw us from the beginning. Thats
    the reason he was reassigned. If you want to claim you came out better
    than I did; thats fine with me.

    > Which, being a father of no less than one daughter, I am certain you
    > can understand why it creeps me out that you choose to investigate
    > exactly where my family is.

    I have no interest as to where you are at this moment or any other
    individual. You lay claim to your bigger house with the lake view. The
    facts from satellite imaging just don't support your claim.

    > And I didn't need to "cyberstalk" to find your IP address, nor have I
    > ever cyberstalked anyone. It was sent to me because you creeped other
    > people out, too, with your bizarre desire to get into my personal

    Anybody that has a server to the internet knows that unless it is
    encrypted secured it is in the public domian. No need to hack it all
    out there where you placed it. Good you have webmasters to track and
    ping for you. It must make you feel important. Your personal life is
    what you choose to keep off the internet.

    > Did I refuse to date your or something in my younger days? Your real
    > name is not Boby, is it?

    Now that is a hoot! Nope you must have some history with some Bobby, or
    Boby. It isn't me. You have already indicated who that boy was from
    your past in an e-mail. Thats not me, but I will respect you and his
    romantic past.


    > Sharon

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