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    Re: New article - mold biotoxins cause non-allergic reaction

    Posted by Deborah on 1/09/10


    On 1/09/10, JF wrote:
    > Here's another new article showing non-allergenic health
    > effects of mold biotoxins. The truth is coming out,
    > slowly but surely:
    > Inflammation-associated gene transcription and expression
    > in mouse lungs induced by low molecular weight compounds
    > from fungi from the built environment.
    > J.D. Millera, M. Sunb, A. Gilyanb, J. Royb and T.G. Randb,
    > Chemico-Biological Interactions
    > Volume 183, Issue 1, January 2010, Pages 113-124
    > "The transcriptional regulation in these genes in the
    > treatment groups suggests that they may serve central
    > roles in the immunomodulation of toxin-induced pro-
    > inflammatory lung responses. . . The results further
    > confirm the inflammatory nature of metabolites/toxins from
    > such fungi can contribute to the development of non-
    > allergenic respiratory health effects."

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