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    Re: New article - mold biotoxins cause non-allergic reaction

    Posted by JF on 1/19/10

    Like most scholarly journals, it requires a subscription in order to
    access it. Academic libraries might subscribe, though many journals from
    this publisher (Reed Elsevier) are very expensive, so they're generally
    only available at wealthier colleges that have large science programs.

    On 1/17/10, Deborah wrote:
    > Thanks, already found it, was looking for entire article.
    > On 1/17/10, H wrote:
    >> Found the abstract through Medscape:
    >> On 1/15/10, deborah wrote:
    >>> I still cannot find that article, did find the journal, but not
    >>> that article.
    >>> Did find a very interesting one there...
    >>> Assessment Of Neuromuscular Dysfunction During Poisoning By
    >>> Organophosphorus Compounds
    >>> Horst Thiermanna, The Corresponding Author, Thomas Seegera, Sascha
    >>> Gondera, Nadja Herkerta, Bernd Antkowiakb, Thomas Zilkerc, Florian
    >>> Eyerc and Franz Woreka
    >>> Abstract
    >>> Dysfunction of respiratory muscles is a life-threatening
    >>> complication in poisoning by organophosphorus compounds (OP). It
    >>> is both of central and peripheral origin due to impaired
    >>> cholinergic signalling upon inhibition of acetylcholinesterase
    >>> (AChE). The dysfunction at neuromuscular synapses is not amenable
    >>> to anticholinergics and remains a therapeutic challenge. Thus, a
    >>> clear understanding of the distinct mechanisms occurring at
    >>> neuromuscular synapses is decisive for the development and
    >>> improvement of therapeutic strategies, particularly with nerve
    >>> agent poisoning, where clinical studies are prevented by ethical
    >>> considerations.
    >>> On 1/15/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>>> On 1/11/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>>>> JF,
    >>>>> Were you able to find it online somewhere?
    >>>>> On 1/09/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>>>>> Thanks!
    >>>>>> On 1/09/10, JF wrote:
    >>>>>>> Here's another new article showing non-allergenic health
    >>>>>>> effects of mold biotoxins. The truth is coming out,
    >>>>>>> slowly but surely:
    >>>>>>> Inflammation-associated gene transcription and expression
    >>>>>>> in mouse lungs induced by low molecular weight compounds
    >>>>>>> from fungi from the built environment.
    >>>>>>> J.D. Millera, M. Sunb, A. Gilyanb, J. Royb and T.G. Randb,
    >>>>>>> Chemico-Biological Interactions
    >>>>>>> Volume 183, Issue 1, January 2010, Pages 113-124
    >>>>>>> "The transcriptional regulation in these genes in the
    >>>>>>> treatment groups suggests that they may serve central
    >>>>>>> roles in the immunomodulation of toxin-induced pro-
    >>>>>>> inflammatory lung responses. . . The results further
    >>>>>>> confirm the inflammatory nature of metabolites/toxins from
    >>>>>>> such fungi can contribute to the development of non-
    >>>>>>> allergenic respiratory health effects."

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