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    Re: SMH Calling for More Changes To CDC Website

    Posted by Sharon on 1/12/10


    No. Center for School Mold Help does not provide me money, nor
    have they ever. Yes. I went to Ole Miss and you can't stand it.

    Mike B,

    No, I do not smell like an ashtray or blow second hand smoke on
    my daughters, nor have I ever. Yes, I have stood up for Deborah
    who you cyberstalk on her on this board.

    Keep it up, boys. All you are doing is proving your unbridled
    hatred when the issue of this chatboard is "black mold toxic


    On 1/12/10, johncodie wrote:
    > Why should we go to this site. What are their credentials?
    > Another mold advocacy group that provides you money. What
    > are your credentials? A broker for someone else's property
    > or a broker for someone else's money. Why worth the study?
    > Remember follow the money trail? Another day of waste from
    > the warrior mold tribe.
    > On 1/11/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> go to
    >> worth studying their changes especially the Summary of the
    >> IOM

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