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    Re: SMH Calling for More Changes To CDC Website

    Posted by johncodie on 1/13/10

    On 1/12/10, Sharon wrote:
    > JC,
    > No. Center for School Mold Help does not provide me money, nor
    > have they ever. Yes. I went to Ole Miss and you can't stand it.

    You expect me to believe with the Shoemaker Mold Warrior
    solicitation for money, paypal, etc. etc.; and the Center for
    Shool Mold help site link to Mold Warriors that no one teacher
    that has signed up as a member of that group has sent you or
    your Sharon Kramer Enviroment Inc any money? You and your tax
    accountant should know that any money used for your defense or
    assistance has to be reported.

    Ole Miss is a great place for young misinformed youth of the
    stellar reputation the school has for excellence. They have
    almost gotten their students under control for alchol abuse. I
    really could care less which university you attended.

    Your public speaking for the Downey Group was also an example of
    your lack of credentials of any expert. Stick with the written
    reports for potential markets; expert witness, and spokesperson
    is not your strength. But considering the panel they were not
    much better at getting their message out there.

    I can tell that you are presenlty burnt out and don't know what
    else to do. "REST" is what you need.

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