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    Re: SMH Calling for More Changes To CDC Website

    Posted by Sharon on 1/13/10

    John Codie,

    Please stop calling me a liar just because I went to Ole Miss.

    Again, NO. I have received no monies from Center For School Mold
    Help. Nor am I aware of any funding coming to me from affiliates of
    School Mold Help.

    What would you like to know next? Perhaps what color of underwear
    I am currently wearing?


    On 1/13/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 1/12/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> JC,
    >> No. Center for School Mold Help does not provide me money, nor
    >> have they ever. Yes. I went to Ole Miss and you can't stand it.
    > You expect me to believe with the Shoemaker Mold Warrior
    > solicitation for money, paypal, etc. etc.; and the Center for
    > Shool Mold help site link to Mold Warriors that no one teacher
    > that has signed up as a member of that group has sent you or
    > your Sharon Kramer Enviroment Inc any money? You and your tax
    > accountant should know that any money used for your defense or
    > assistance has to be reported.
    > Ole Miss is a great place for young misinformed youth of the
    > stellar reputation the school has for excellence. They have
    > almost gotten their students under control for alchol abuse. I
    > really could care less which university you attended.
    > Your public speaking for the Downey Group was also an example of
    > your lack of credentials of any expert. Stick with the written
    > reports for potential markets; expert witness, and spokesperson
    > is not your strength. But considering the panel they were not
    > much better at getting their message out there.
    > I can tell that you are presenlty burnt out and don't know what
    > else to do. "REST" is what you need.

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