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    Re: Judge tosses Twitter libel suit

    Posted by johncodie on 2/01/10

    On 1/29/10, Sharon wrote:
    > "Isn't this the case that your trying to emulate?"
    > No. I posted it because it was issue significant and was in the
    > news.
    > "The case is considered a victory for freedom of speech as well
    > as a prime example of jury nullification"
    > Where did that quote come from? The twitter case never got close
    > to a jury.
    > "You case wasn't a twitter it was more directive."
    > Twitter was not the issue of the Chicago SLAPP, it was lack of
    > merit to prove libel with actual malice.
    > "So how do you change the law?"
    > Well, other than sitting on the Supreme Court and being an
    > judge for corporations, you don't. You follow the law.

    The Supreme Court rules on the existing laws, and the
    constitutionality of the laws that are passed. We saw the Supreme
    Court Justice under President Obama's address mouth that isn't so,
    shaking his head.

    Since the Supreme Court can't make the laws, only rule over; and
    Congress can pass laws, that might be ruled uncostitional; and the
    president can only veto laws if he has 60 vote majority, how does
    the law get changed?

    Give you a hint, Who owned Independance Hall in Phlidelphia? Were
    there laws, and governance before there was a constituion? Was
    there a legislature for each State where a trial by Jury was
    allowed? Were governance put in the place of juries? Were you
    acting as a governance toward Kellman, or were you acting as a
    citizen? Was your will applied toward others or were plain facts

    Does Ole Miss have a school of law? Of course it does, one of the
    countries finest. How does a person practice law before there was
    a constitution? Did the same principals apply?

    What is the measure of a civilized country? How are you going to
    win your case?

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