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    Re: Disappearing Posts

    Posted by Deborah on 2/04/10

    I was taught to flush daily, or was that floss?

    The Church of the FSM has all the answers and lotsa sauce.

    On 2/04/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    > This forum should be flushed weekly. This is a toxic dump of
    > ignorance that I am sure is contributing to global warming,
    > autism and the spread of Communism.
    > Thomas Paine
    > On 2/04/10, Deborah wrote:
    >> It is happening again...and even posts that are not
    >> removed have portions removed.
    >> Like I said, be grateful for the public attack that gave
    >> you an opportunity to defend yourself and for other
    >> articulate people to back you up. Gossip A K A defamation
    >> of character is much harder to prove or disprove
    >> comparitively unless it is done publicly or in writing
    >> that is publicly disseminated.
    >> The posts about gossip and defamation of character made
    >> some excellent points, just not ones that some like to
    >> consider.

    Posts on this thread, including this one

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