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    Re: Woman Disappears 1st Day of Mold Trial~Detroit

    Posted by johncodie on 2/05/10

    On 2/05/10, Sharon wrote:
    > John Codie,
    > That was VERY WELL written and true. You are absolutely
    > People who find themselves in a position of possibly having to
    > litigate against their insurers to be made financial whole;
    > need to go into the matter with eyes fully opened of what that
    > really means to one's life.
    > It is not a matter of avoiding litigation at ALL costs, but it
    > IS a matter of understanding the "costs" of years of
    > when making the decision.
    > We tried to settle ours without litigating for nearly a year.
    > But then our insurer sued us in a declaratory relief action
    > not accepting $30K for making house unlivable. We had no
    > choice but to countersue them, the remediator and the
    > lab that falsely cleared the house after the botched
    > remediation.
    > Let's hope this woman turns up okay. I have ABSOLUTELY
    > to base this thought on, but it would seem logical to me that
    > if there was a divorce in the past couple of years; perhaps
    > there is something this woman was dreading be discussed on the
    > witness stand to be rehashed in front of her children. No
    > doubt, they have already suffered enough. And no doubt, the
    > insurer would have made them suffer through it.
    > Sharon

    Neither the time or place to speculate when family members are
    fearful. Being human I am sure there are clues that the
    authorities are already watching for signs of her intentions,
    either rationale or unplanned.

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