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    Re: Woman Disappears 1st Day of Mold Trial~Detroit

    Posted by sharon on 2/06/10

    On 2/05/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 2/05/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> This is an odd one:
    > Indeed touching.
    > Due to the emotional strain on the family group, a large
    > percentages of families that go into litigation ending the
    > marriage. That is one of the reasons I've recommended to
    > walk outside and take a long breath of fresh air before
    > committing the family to what will be a huge committment of
    > time and resources without any short term financial success.
    > We survived six years, and no amount of money will replace
    > those critial years of childrens assurance of a home. Its
    > not so much of the exposure of mold toxins, but the enormous
    > amounts of effort the insured has to endure with
    > documentation, and self remidiation, that I believe the
    > insurance industry use to divide and conqure. The have all
    > your financial records, and can monitor, your actions, and
    > the results of their denials. It should be illegal but its
    > not. At most they are guilty of breach of contract.
    > It is very hard to go from success and a life style that we
    > feel comfortable in, to fighting for your financial last
    > dollar, and emotional security, to have to go back into
    > litigation after years only to have that re-lived. The
    > industry is masters at divide and degrade.
    > Personalities split, double lives can begin, and sometimes
    > you just want to get on a bus to now where without any
    > documentation. Just disapear. Begin a new life.
    > We just pray Joann Matouk Romain has been rescued and has
    > the time to regroup, and refocus, and rebuild, and let those
    > who know and love her what she needs to be made whole again.

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