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    Re: Woman Disappears 1st Day of Mold Trial~Detroit

    Posted by Deborah on 2/06/10

    On 2/05/10, Sharon wrote:
    John Codie,

    "Let's hope this woman turns up okay. I have ABSOLUTELY
    NOTHING to base this thought on, but it would seem logical to
    me that if there was a divorce in the past couple of years;
    perhaps there is something this woman was dreading be discussed
    on the witness stand to be rehashed in front of her children.
    No doubt, they have already suffered enough. And no doubt, the
    insurer would have made them suffer through it."

    It doesn't have to be just the divorce, it could be
    anything...the defense does love to dig up dirt, and, as one
    savvy fellow told me, "if they couldn't find any, they'd make
    some.". Fact and in my case, they did, makes some that is.

    > On 2/05/10, johncodie wrote:
    >> On 2/05/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>> This is an odd one:
    >> Indeed touching.
    >> Due to the emotional strain on the family group, a large
    >> percentages of families that go into litigation ending the
    >> marriage. That is one of the reasons I've recommended to
    >> walk outside and take a long breath of fresh air before
    >> committing the family to what will be a huge committment of
    >> time and resources without any short term financial success.
    >> We survived six years, and no amount of money will replace
    >> those critial years of childrens assurance of a home. Its
    >> not so much of the exposure of mold toxins, but the enormous
    >> amounts of effort the insured has to endure with
    >> documentation, and self remidiation, that I believe the
    >> insurance industry use to divide and conqure. The have all
    >> your financial records, and can monitor, your actions, and
    >> the results of their denials. It should be illegal but its
    >> not. At most they are guilty of breach of contract.
    >> It is very hard to go from success and a life style that we
    >> feel comfortable in, to fighting for your financial last
    >> dollar, and emotional security, to have to go back into
    >> litigation after years only to have that re-lived. The
    >> industry is masters at divide and degrade.
    >> Personalities split, double lives can begin, and sometimes
    >> you just want to get on a bus to now where without any
    >> documentation. Just disapear. Begin a new life.
    >> We just pray Joann Matouk Romain has been rescued and has
    >> the time to regroup, and refocus, and rebuild, and let those
    >> who know and love her what she needs to be made whole again.

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