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    Re: Need to find someone to take my black mold case.

    Posted by Sharon on 2/05/10

    Hi Laura,

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I can't recommend an
    attorney, but if you go to you
    will find alot of people who have gone thru situations
    similar to yours. These people are a wealth of info and may
    be able to assist you to regain your family's health. They
    are not professionals by and large. But are experienced.

    Good luck, hope that helps.


    On 2/05/10, Laura B. wrote:
    > I am so glad I found this messge board. I was exposed to
    > black mold (Chaetonium)for 8 mos after my building that I
    > rent, flooded. 5 mos after the flood, the landlord sent
    > someone in to make repairs,. They tore up the floors and
    > took down the bottom 4 ft of drywall. This exposed the
    > mold and we walked thru, worked in it, dragged it home on
    > our clothes for another 3 mos before he got his
    > contractors in there to finally fix it.
    > Now my daughter, husband and I are suffering health wise.
    > I have brain damage (memory loss, confusion, etc), heart,
    > immune, respitory problems. I have fibramyalgia so bad
    > that I will be applying for permanent disability.
    > I lost a lot of business because people couldn't get into
    > my shop. I have had to move my business home but can't do
    > much even if the phone was ringing. Can't pay my bills.
    > I could never find an attorney to take my case. This
    > happened in July 2005 and we are just starting to see the
    > effects of it.
    > I'm close to Detroit so if anyone knows an attorney that I
    > can try.

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