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    Re: Need to find someone to take my black mold case.

    Posted by Sharon on 2/06/10


    I am so sorry to hear what your family has been going thru. This
    board is a public forum. It is not in your best interest to post
    specifics of your situation on this board or any other at this
    point in time.

    Sickbuildings should be able to help give you information that
    you can use to point you and your family in a direction that will
    help you to regain your health.

    I am of the opinion that one should never take anything that they
    read on the net at face value. It should only be used as a
    starting point of information that you can use to investigate
    matters for yourself.

    Good luck,

    On 2/06/10, Laura B. wrote:
    > Thx for the response. I did join that group. If I get
    > someone to take my case, this is going to be tricky. At the
    > time of filing a claim, I did not know that my insurance
    > agency and agent was also that same company and agent that my
    > landlord had. Now how is a insurance company going to handle
    > that one?
    > I could have file a lawsuit against my landlord right away for
    > breaking Tenant/landlord laws and Enviromental laws but my
    > husband wasn't for it. By the time that he saw I was getting
    > so sick and agreed to a lawsuit, almost 3 years had passed.
    > My that time I couldn't even hardly remember how to balance my
    > checkbook, little lone get an attorney.
    > The symptons didn't start showing up right away. It was one
    > symptom after another over the last few years. I kept a
    > written journal and a photo journal of what was going on on
    > the outside of my body from rahses to tiny red spots going
    > from my neck dwon to my ankles.
    > There ought to be a law change on time limits for this. Its
    > been 4.5 years and my daughter is finally seeing that she is
    > having memory and other health problems now too.

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