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    Re: Need to find someone to take my black mold case.

    Posted by Deborah on 2/06/10

    That is a tough and interesting one...same insurance company. It
    would be nice to have someone most decidedly on YOUR side.

    On 2/06/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Laura,
    > I am so sorry to hear what your family has been going thru.
    > board is a public forum. It is not in your best interest to
    > specifics of your situation on this board or any other at this
    > point in time.
    > Sickbuildings should be able to help give you information that
    > you can use to point you and your family in a direction that
    > help you to regain your health.
    > I am of the opinion that one should never take anything that
    > read on the net at face value. It should only be used as a
    > starting point of information that you can use to investigate
    > matters for yourself.
    > Good luck,
    > Sharon
    > On 2/06/10, Laura B. wrote:
    >> Thx for the response. I did join that group. If I get
    >> someone to take my case, this is going to be tricky. At the
    >> time of filing a claim, I did not know that my insurance
    >> agency and agent was also that same company and agent that my
    >> landlord had. Now how is a insurance company going to handle
    >> that one?
    >> I could have file a lawsuit against my landlord right away for
    >> breaking Tenant/landlord laws and Enviromental laws but my
    >> husband wasn't for it. By the time that he saw I was getting
    >> so sick and agreed to a lawsuit, almost 3 years had passed.
    >> My that time I couldn't even hardly remember how to balance my
    >> checkbook, little lone get an attorney.
    >> The symptons didn't start showing up right away. It was one
    >> symptom after another over the last few years. I kept a
    >> written journal and a photo journal of what was going on on
    >> the outside of my body from rahses to tiny red spots going
    >> from my neck dwon to my ankles.
    >> There ought to be a law change on time limits for this. Its
    >> been 4.5 years and my daughter is finally seeing that she is
    >> having memory and other health problems now too.

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