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    Re: Need to find someone to take my black mold case.

    Posted by Deborah on 2/12/10


    apparently there can be no further commentary on this w/o it being routed to the F B
    I page.

    On 2/11/10, johncodie wrote:
    > Laura B: I wasn't trying to be ugly in describing the series of events that has
    > come to your familes present health. Since you are in some frame of mind still
    > thinking in terms of your case might be the one; let me explian the "Would have,
    > should have, could have, but didn't and now can't pay the bills."
    > You would be judged by your peers possbly at trial, or a judge if the defendant
    > files for a summary judgement for a friviouls law suit, and counter sue for cost
    > of what they want to have you pay for not being liable.
    > You would be seen as a reasonable person that had knowlege of your present
    > health, your families health, and all circumstances that could contribute to
    > your lively hood. How money is being spent, on what items, trips to the doctor,
    > freindships, vacations, involvement in the community etc. etc. etc.
    > Then your going to have to define the event that someone knowingly caused, or
    > was responsible for fixing to what a reasonable person is to expect. Dementia,
    > age, and to a large extent general well being are not tangible that can be
    > insured. Health care for those items but not prevention. To be successful in
    > litigation some metrics of health, with know caused health issues attributed to
    > the event,or crisis are necessary.
    > Questions as to why individuals were not all affected the same if they were
    > exposed to the same catastrophic event. Why the circumstances were not corrected
    > by yourself to protect others in your family if you were the first to undergo
    > health issues. What was done to correct the detrimental enviroment by
    > yourself? In that event you could expect some compensation for being paid back
    > for you fixing the problem, and maybe some compenstion for pain and suffering.
    > But you have to prove intent of the individual wanted to inflict ill health on
    > yourself.
    > Its not so much of knowing of deteriating health effects, it is knowlege of the
    > potential of health effect from an event, and what you did to correct the
    > circumstances.
    > In our case with about 85&37; saturation of rain water for 36 hours through out our
    > house. 100&37; humidty upon entrance our children developed red rashes all over
    > their backs, and some welps, diarria, thowing up dehydration. Mine was
    > swelling of the joints, and dementia followed with periodic sinus sheading. The
    > wife and children were out in two days after peditrician documentation. I was
    > out within the week, with perodic exposure for having the maintain the property
    > for an addition exposure to the elements. We repaired the roof at our expense
    > and dried out as much as possible before the mold took hold. The tort was
    > breach of contract by the insurance company. They wanted absolutely no dry wall
    > removal since they felt rain water would not be detrimental, and would just dry
    > out.
    > We had one insurance representative be deposed that he was taken off the case as
    > he was being too proactive. Im not sure it the word "screw" was used but it was
    > thier intent. Some idividuals actions six years prior set the case. We were
    > one day from the statue of limitations expiring. They were watching the
    > calander working it every step of the way to deny any money being awarded. We
    > worked like dogs after normal work, and did almost every move. Paid for
    > everything out of retirement and savings.
    > It was a "HUGE RISK". Knowing what we knew then, and what we know now we had no
    > other choice. Somewhere in the 18 months of continuing to be good insured's we
    > knew we were being pinched financialy by the insurance company and would
    > probably have to litigate.
    > So from what I know from experince from having gone through it day to day, there
    > would be no way for you to go back and pick up and some point and start trying
    > to prepare a case.
    > On 2/10/10, Laura B. wrote:
    >> One place I read, it tells me that statues starts at time of occurrence and
    >> then another place I read says that they start at time of noticing effects,
    >> which would be now for my daughter. My husband still hasn't notice the effect
    >> but his family has.
    >> As anyone knows that has ever gone thru this, it sometimes takes years to see
    >> all th devastating physicals effects that it takes on a persons body. Someday
    >> some lawyer and client will put a case forward that will be beyond statues and
    >> will win therefore forever changing the way that physical Injury cases from
    >> mold will be looked at. Its time for the statues to be dropped or extended.
    >> I could be that case.

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