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    Re: Need to find someone to take my black mold case.

    Posted by Sharon on 2/13/10 Opps!

    On 2/13/10, wrote:
    > On 2/12/10, Laura wrote:
    >> Whats the FM I page?
    > You must have posted a caustic reply Deb that triggered the
    > Web Server filter. The trigger defaults to the internet
    > crime prevention to the FBI for formal reporting. The
    > machines are programmed to do what we want them to do. It's
    > harder for US as humans to move on. Check out "Love Happens"
    > with Jennifer Anniston? A DVD movie we probably have
    > forgotten. Bad things happen to the fictional actors in the
    > movie, and happens to the actors in real life, and even
    > though we can try and help others move forward, its even
    > more difficult to do it ourselves. Your right Laura B you
    > are one of the many for things to go right, but its in the
    > future and has nothing to do with your mold case, its
    > something even better to happen in the future.

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