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    Re: Need to find someone to take my black mold case.

    Posted by johncodie on 2/15/10

    I assume you contacted the landlord the day of the event that supported the onset of mold?
    That would be day one. From the e-mail possible birthyear usage I assume you were
    approximatly around the age of 54 years of age. Did you read the fine print of your
    insurance policy? Most individual do not, most policies will shorten the statue of
    limitations to a period of one year. Did you have renter's insurance? Generaly personal
    injury statuate of limitations is two years. I assume you are wanting to sue based upon
    health reasons and not to fix the landlords rental property. If the event occurred in July
    05 and this is Feburay of 10 and the work did not start until six months after the event 06
    and the contractor abandoned the work for three months, who are you wanting to sue and for
    what action? If the breach of contract occured in March of 06 due to not expedicously
    remediating the property for nine months, then your limitation date would be March of 08.
    If your written journal shows problems prior to the March of 06 date your personal injury
    limitations would have started on that first date, of knew, or should have known.

    If I am not mistaken we based our date on the date of the natural disaster since we chose
    not to persue any personal injury claims. Its easier for the attorny to break a case down
    to its components since they are not the injuried party. It also makes it easier for them
    to make risk assessement determinations, and they are not required to take anyone's case if
    there is evidence such as your journal.

    Why you and your daughter would wait four years to test the waters of any attorny wanting to
    take on a case of breach of contract resulting in personal injury seems to defy logic, but
    might be a national trend. I hope you can see the window of opportunity was rougly 30
    months. Seventy months of work file product seems to be negligence on your part.

    I use the term woulda shoulda coulda, and didn't and now I can't pay my bills as it will
    apply to more individuals just getting to retirement age, and find out they won't be able to
    retire, and the work force is pressuring early retirement.

    There is no case to be heard; just please put up your journal and photos.

    On 2/13/10, LJB wrote:
    > I kept a written journal and photos of what I was going thru (physically, mentally,
    > emotionally), what my landlord was doing or not doing to clean this up (he left for South
    > America for 3 weeks instead of getting someone to start cleaning up the mess), what the
    > adjuster wasn't doing (he left for 2 weeks of deer hunting), what the contractor was and
    > wasn't doing right according to the insurance company, etc. This happened in July 05 and
    > the contractors didn't get in to start the work until Jan 06, then left and didn't come
    > back until the last of March 06 to finish.

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