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    Re: Need to find someone to take my black mold case.

    Posted by johncodie on 3/02/10

    Sharon: Your question about individuals that want to file mold litigation
    are ??? on society? Can't write a paragraph but can appeal SSDI many many
    times. Three years of exposure eleven years after the incident. Started at
    46 and now within 2 years of early withdrawl of retirement without peanalty
    can't function.

    The other section just posted appers to be very similar to Laura B.
    The ages are very close within a year.

    MRI's won't provide cognitive brain activity or reduction.

    Please go on to plan B.

    "From 1999 to 2003, my daughter and I were exposed to toxic
    mold. During that time, I developed Chronic Fatigue
    Sydrome, Fibromyalgia, severe cognitive impairment and
    short term memory loss. I still battle insomnia, depression
    and anxiety everyday. It takes me several hours just to
    write a few paragraphs. My speech is dyslexic and I can't
    do simple things like coping documents on a copying machine
    without getting confused and disoriented. I cannot function
    under stress at all. My brain shuts down and I go into a
    tailspin. I am 57 years old and I have lost the quality of
    my life due to toxic mold exposure. I have not been able to
    work since 2002. In 2005, I applied for SSDI and was
    denied. I appealed it many times, but I was still denied. I
    have since re-applied for SSI and SSDI and I have a hearing
    coming up in late March. Does anyone know if an MRI would
    show and/or "PROVE" that I truly suffer with severe
    conitive impairment and short term memory loss? I live in
    Riverside,California. Thank you for your help!"

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