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    Post: Newly we ds chased from their home by mold

    Posted by sharon on 2/06/10

    New lywed s chased from their home by mold, bacteria
    Builder Online

    www.builderonline .co m/mold/newlyweds- chased-from-their-
    home-by-mold-bacteria .asp x

    "We were on cloud nine," said Danielle Beety, a first-grade
    teacher who also coached high school field
    hockey. "Everything was going completely great," added
    David Beety, a mort gage lo an origi nator.

    That lasted two weeks.

    Suddenly, Danielle Beety was stricken with severe throat
    pain and developed flulike symptoms. Her baffled doctors
    ordered myriad tests. Three times they admitted her to
    Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. She
    required two operations to remove a 5-centimeter abscess
    inside her neck.

    Chin S. Yang, an internationally known microbiologist with
    Pres tige Enviro Microbiology la boratory in Voorhees, sees
    a link between the housing boom and an uptick in
    environmental-health issues similar to what the Beetys

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