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    Re: Huffington Post~Melinda Balllard's Father Passed Away

    Posted by Sharon on 2/17/10

    John Codie,

    This is now the FOURTH time I have had to agree with your
    writing in less than two weeks time. That is EXACTLY why I
    posted this. Kind of a historical reference to the mold issue
    since the Ballard case - whether one agrees with it or not -
    was a pinnicle point in the issue. It is good to understand
    where people who have had an impact on history came from. That
    is why so many biographies get written.

    I did not post it for the intent that RD would use it as an
    opportunity to bash a woman - a fellow human being - who just
    lost a loved one merely days ago.

    On 2/17/10, JohnCodie wrote:
    > I appreciate the information, it serves as a reminder as
    > fortunate an individual might be in building a family
    > fortune and providing the family with the fortitude to
    > continue with his/her legacy. Like the popular movie the
    > Titanic money follows money and so like the real estate
    > business, im sure there are the faithful followers of those
    > who saw retail headed to shopping malls in the early years.
    > Money didn't save the rich on the Tatantic but it gave them
    > an advantage to the lower class trapped/locked below the
    > waterline. Its true the award was greatly reduced and more
    > political actions in favor in the insurance industry was
    > provided by the State of Texas. Was it the Ballards were
    > Democratic living in a Repulican state? Who knows what
    > entailed those many miles of tavel miles of sales. Mr.
    > Ballard seems to have had the gift for making the sale.
    > Good for him, we need more sales people like him today. I
    > hear to many relative say they just can't sell anything in
    > todays economy. Obviously they are'nt trying. Three cheers
    > for the Ballards for continuing inspite of being told "No".

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