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    Re: Huffington Post ~ Melinda Ballard ~ Daniel Heimpel ` Mol

    Posted by Deborah on 2/22/10

    Yep, he is all about the children. As long as they don't show signs of
    mold induced illness caused by exposure to said mold 'cause then they'd
    be liars.

    On 2/21/10, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    > It is such a small world, isn't it? The Huffington Post wrote a
    > beautiful tribute to Melinda Ballard's father, Claude Ballard Jr. in
    > February 2010.
    > re_b_462103.html
    > Melinda Ballard has been a staunch advocate for those injured by mold,
    > etc, in water damaged buildings. Melinda Ballard agreed to an
    > interview with Daniel Heimpel of LA Weekly in the summer of 2008 about
    > another staunch advocate for those injured by mold, me.
    > Heimpel INTENTIONALLY misquoted Melinda Ballard for the article in the
    > 2008 LA Weekly article to the benefit of the US Chamber of Commerce to
    > be able to continue to perpetrate an interstate fraud on the courts
    > over the mold issue (scientifically proven the poisons of mold do not
    > poision). This is the same fraud that Melinda fights against in the
    > name of public health. Heimpel's fraud of the matter was edited by
    > Jill Stewart of LAWeekly. Stewart has such a horrible reputation of
    > skewing journalism, that the LA Times wrote about her in 2009.
    > Melinda Ballard sent a message informing LAWeekly's then editor,
    > Ochoa, regarding Daniel Heimpel's and Jill Stewart's FRAUDULENT
    > for LAWeekly evidencing for them several statements of INTENTIONALLY
    > misquoting Melinda to aid and abet the US Chamber's fraud that is
    > adverse to the health and safety of the American public. See Melinda'
    > message to LA Weekly linked below:
    > And NOW Daniel Heimpel, clearly evidenced as a bonified shill for the
    > US Chamber of Commerce who has assisted them to be able to deny
    > causation of illness from environmental exposures, has morphed into a
    > social advocate for children, who is a blogger for the Huffington Post.
    > heimpel-is-shill-for-us-chamber/
    > Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!
    > Thank God for people like Melinda Ballard in this world who will
    > stand up and tell the truth!
    > Sharon
    > On 2/20/10, Deborah wrote:
    >> LOL. Now, that takes some brass target an opponent over
    >> something that he had personal and direct experience with...
    >> On 2/20/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>> A new article that has come up regarding Melinda and her impact on
    >>> itegrity in Texas politics:
    >>> before-you-vote-the-texas-supreme-court-races
    >>> "In 2002, when flyers were distributed in Rep. Green's district
    >>> attacking his opponent Patrick Rose about mold remediation lawsuits
    >>> and plaintiffs, the tactic backfired. One of the targets of the ad,
    >>> Melinda Ballard (who had prevailed in a $32 million homeowners'
    >>> mold lawsuit), went public with the revelation that Green himself
    >>> had filed a mold claim in 2001 and that his insurance carrier had
    >>> paid for Green and his family to stay at Austin's downtown Omni
    >>> Hotel."
    >>> On 2/18/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>>> I applaud her tenacity and courage to stand up to the insurance
    >>>> company.
    >>>> Average citizens simply do not have the resources to take even the
    >>>> most meritorious cases all the way to the end and corporations are
    >>>> well aware of this.
    >>>> We must rely on people like her to get what little justice there
    >>>> is to be had against such fraudulent practices.
    >>>> On 2/17/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>>> John Codie,
    >>>>> This is now the FOURTH time I have had to agree with your
    >>>>> writing in less than two weeks time. That is EXACTLY why I
    >>>>> posted this. Kind of a historical reference to the mold issue
    >>>>> since the Ballard case - whether one agrees with it or not -
    >>>>> was a pinnicle point in the issue. It is good to understand
    >>>>> where people who have had an impact on history came from. That
    >>>>> is why so many biographies get written.
    >>>>> I did not post it for the intent that RD would use it as an
    >>>>> opportunity to bash a woman - a fellow human being - who just
    >>>>> lost a loved one merely days ago.
    >>>>> On 2/17/10, JohnCodie wrote:
    >>>>>> I appreciate the information, it serves as a reminder as
    >>>>>> fortunate an individual might be in building a family
    >>>>>> fortune and providing the family with the fortitude to
    >>>>>> continue with his/her legacy. Like the popular movie the
    >>>>>> Titanic money follows money and so like the real estate
    >>>>>> business, im sure there are the faithful followers of those
    >>>>>> who saw retail headed to shopping malls in the early years.
    >>>>>> Money didn't save the rich on the Tatantic but it gave them
    >>>>>> an advantage to the lower class trapped/locked below the
    >>>>>> waterline. Its true the award was greatly reduced and more
    >>>>>> political actions in favor in the insurance industry was
    >>>>>> provided by the State of Texas. Was it the Ballards were
    >>>>>> Democratic living in a Repulican state? Who knows what
    >>>>>> entailed those many miles of tavel miles of sales. Mr.
    >>>>>> Ballard seems to have had the gift for making the sale.
    >>>>>> Good for him, we need more sales people like him today. I
    >>>>>> hear to many relative say they just can't sell anything in
    >>>>>> todays economy. Obviously they are'nt trying. Three cheers
    >>>>>> for the Ballards for continuing inspite of being told "No".

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