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    Re: Mauriice Murphy , 109,500 miles Bike to Work

    Posted by johncodie on 2/22/10

    It happened around 2:30 Friday morning on Highway 51, near
    Rice Road. Police say 36-year-old Mauriice Murphy was riding
    his bicycle home from work, when he was hit from behind by a
    Chrysler Sebring heading northbound.

    Mississippi is the most obesse state in the union, a welfare
    state, and is responsible for increasing health care cost
    associated with the in hospital cost in the 1980s for
    uninsured to now health care due to type 2 diabeetes for
    overweight conditions and heart issues due to high blood

    Mr. Murphy wasn't even recognized in the paper with an obit
    but wasn't a burden on society. I felt Mr Murphy deserved
    at least some national recognition for demonstrating a
    strong work ethic that would be the drive and determination
    an individual needs these days, just to make an honest

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