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    Re: Mauriice Murphy , 109,500 miles Bike to Work

    Posted by sharon on 2/23/10

    We have a very diverse population. As far as the working poor in
    general in Ca, I couldn't say who is on assistance and who is not.
    Don't have access to the data.

    As far as the working rich and working poor, I think the Dem's
    health plan is not going to be good economically or healthwise for
    any of us.

    I don't think too highly of the Dem's final plan. Looks to me like
    we are giving the insurance industry billions of our tax dollars,
    tighter control over determining what is evidenced based medicine,
    and forced every US citizen to take part in the matter while we
    subsidize it. I think they dropped the ball when they dropped
    necessary competition for insurers via a public option; and it is
    one more nail in the coffin of the US economy and future of having
    healthy children who grow up to be healthy, productive workers. The
    US Chamber of Commerce could not have written a more
    insurance/chemical industry friendly bill as far as I can see.

    On 2/23/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 2/23/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> "How many do we know that is willing to fill those shoes?"
    >> John, I think you might be more of a pesimist than I am. I am
    >> of the opinion there are many who are willing and do fill
    > those
    >> shoes everyday, all across America. I am of the opinion they
    >> need and deserve a "hand up" not a "hand out" so they can get
    >> to work easier and maybe even a better job. Unfortunately the
    >> lines between up and out frequently get blurred. And much of
    >> the blurred line is caused by the "hands shoved" in the
    > pockets
    >> of those who work in the Halls of Congress; making it even
    >> harder for the Mr. Murphy's of the world to be treated with
    >> deserved respect, dignity and opportunity.
    > I see you worked with Edward Kennedy in his efforts to contiue
    > his brothers life time political visions. Bobby was successful
    > in opening the doors of Ole Miss to those types you just
    > described. He came to sugar ditch MS to witness first hand the
    > bloated stomachs of children that haven't eatten. It must have
    > been a long time since you have been to MS. From reports from
    > the El Seguendo, and Long Beach CA area alot from your state are
    > just leaving due to the excessive taxation. What you appear to
    > be describing is the Kennedy era ask not what your country can
    > do for you etc.; what I am describing is the FDR words of "fear"
    > of depression era $1.00 per day. I serously doubt you see many
    > refusing public assistance in your state, I know it is a rare
    > occurance here.
    > jc

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