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    Re: Mauriice Murphy , 109,500 miles Bike to Work

    Posted by Sharon on 2/25/10

    I see people biking to work all the time here in Ca. What I don't get
    about you, John, is that you present an analogy that Mr. Murphy was a
    productive human being because he did not file a lawsuit claiming he
    was harmed by mold.

    Yet, you yourself were a plaintiff in a mold lawsuit.

    So how does that equate in your mind that people who file lawsuits for
    injuries to health and/or property from mold are useless slackers who
    are burdens on society?

    On 2/24/10, Deborah wrote:
    > JC,
    > I know someone who biked to work for over 30 yrs. Was nearly mugged
    > at gunpoint once to often. Tradesman with no kids who paid more than
    > his fair share of taxes too.
    > Sharon,
    > As for healthcare reform, it is neither that the citizens are being
    > offered. No winners in this current plan.
    > On 2/23/10, sharon wrote:
    >> We have a very diverse population. As far as the working poor in
    >> general in Ca, I couldn't say who is on assistance and who is not.
    >> Don't have access to the data.
    >> As far as the working rich and working poor, I think the Dem's
    >> health plan is not going to be good economically or healthwise for
    >> any of us.
    >> I don't think too highly of the Dem's final plan. Looks to me like
    >> we are giving the insurance industry billions of our tax dollars,
    >> tighter control over determining what is evidenced based medicine,
    >> and forced every US citizen to take part in the matter while we
    >> subsidize it. I think they dropped the ball when they dropped
    >> necessary competition for insurers via a public option; and it is
    >> one more nail in the coffin of the US economy and future of having
    >> healthy children who grow up to be healthy, productive workers. The
    >> US Chamber of Commerce could not have written a more
    >> insurance/chemical industry friendly bill as far as I can see.
    >> On 2/23/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>> On 2/23/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>> "How many do we know that is willing to fill those shoes?"
    >>>> John, I think you might be more of a pesimist than I am. I am
    >>>> of the opinion there are many who are willing and do fill
    >>> those
    >>>> shoes everyday, all across America. I am of the opinion they
    >>>> need and deserve a "hand up" not a "hand out" so they can get
    >>>> to work easier and maybe even a better job. Unfortunately the
    >>>> lines between up and out frequently get blurred. And much of
    >>>> the blurred line is caused by the "hands shoved" in the
    >>> pockets
    >>>> of those who work in the Halls of Congress; making it even
    >>>> harder for the Mr. Murphy's of the world to be treated with
    >>>> deserved respect, dignity and opportunity.
    >>> I see you worked with Edward Kennedy in his efforts to contiue
    >>> his brothers life time political visions. Bobby was successful
    >>> in opening the doors of Ole Miss to those types you just
    >>> described. He came to sugar ditch MS to witness first hand the
    >>> bloated stomachs of children that haven't eatten. It must have
    >>> been a long time since you have been to MS. From reports from
    >>> the El Seguendo, and Long Beach CA area alot from your state are
    >>> just leaving due to the excessive taxation. What you appear to
    >>> be describing is the Kennedy era ask not what your country can
    >>> do for you etc.; what I am describing is the FDR words of "fear"
    >>> of depression era $1.00 per day. I serously doubt you see many
    >>> refusing public assistance in your state, I know it is a rare
    >>> occurance here.
    >>> jc

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