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    Re: Mauriice Murphy , 109,500 miles Bike to Work

    Posted by Deborah on 3/01/10

    Yep, it was also the custom for many landlords to spend as little as
    possible on upkeep and maintenance of their buildings. I know of a couple
    of houses that should have been condemned, but the landlord just keeps
    slapping paint over the visible mold and putty over the mold damage in the
    wood and then just painting over it.

    As for those who owned larger holdings of rental properties, they often had
    managers to take care of the day to day business of leasing, collecting
    deposits and rents, performing upkeep and maintenance. The bigger the
    company and the farther removed the owners, the greater the likelihood for
    mismanagement and a failure in timely upkeep and repairs.

    Yes, there are tenants who definitely abuse properties, but there was an
    accepted, unwritten rule that the landlord would keep the deposit no matter
    what...fighting to get them to return it was not cost-effective. This is
    why I found myself so stunned, by my own landlords accounts, I was an
    excellent tenant, paid rent on time or early, kept things clean and
    maintained, no problems, etc...

    It always boils down to the character of the individual rather than their
    role. Reminds me of a joke some guy told me, What do you call a woman
    alone? A victim. Unscrupulous people take advantage of anyone they deem
    vulnerable or that they feel superior to or want to be superior to....if
    they think they can get away with it.

    BTW, all molds are not created equal. Breathing in mold, mold spores, mold
    toxins or any other mold byproducts is not a good idea, neither is coming
    into contact with it. Just recheck the info on grain and mold
    contamination. True, some molds have been harnessed to be less toxic and
    even beneficial, but this doesn't equate to having it in an indoor
    environment. But go ahead, re-invent the wheel. If you keep saying it
    often enough, it will either become true or you might drown out the hard
    science and those made ill from exposure.

    Maintaing a property is the responsibility of the owner as is the failure to
    maintain or failure to inform of defects. The standard is higher if the
    property is put up for lease than if the owner uses it themselves; when it
    is put up for residential lease, there is an unspoken and implied warranty
    of habitability.

    On 3/01/10, Rem Dude wrote:
    > John:
    > "In the early years there were individuals that would cook houses to
    > rapidy develop mold conditions by soaking carpets, sealing doors, and
    > walls. The litigation at that time was mold was gold. Fraud was being
    > committed."
    > It is still going on today and has become quite popular with those who
    > what to break rent/lease agreements or simply no longer want to pay for
    > their housing expenses. If they can make a few extra bucks coughing and
    > hacking, all the better.
    > RD
    > On 3/01/10, johncodie wrote:
    >> On 2/25/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>> I see people biking to work all the time here in Ca. What I don't get
    >>> about you, John, is that you present an analogy that Mr. Murphy was a
    >>> productive human being because he did not file a lawsuit claiming he
    >>> was harmed by mold.
    >>> Yet, you yourself were a plaintiff in a mold lawsuit.
    >>> So how does that equate in your mind that people who file lawsuits for
    >>> injuries to health and/or property from mold are useless slackers who
    >>> are burdens on society?
    >> The analogy doesn't have anything to do with any lawsuit Mr. Murphy
    >> filed,or did not file because of anything. It does indicate that he was
    >> an individual who chose to be independent,and would refuse rides because
    >> of his desire for affirming his independance.
    >> I wasn't a plaintiff in a mold lawsuit. I was a plaintiff in a beach of
    >> contract law suit. The city condemned the property, I fought to perseve
    >> the integreity of the property as long as possible, 5 1/2 years. The
    >> insurance company could have tried to get an injunction, but claimed
    >> they had no knowledge; even, when they had been informed by registered
    >> mail.
    >> Plumbers work with toxins each and every day, but are taught to take the
    >> precautions for themselves, and their client to keep it clean. We as
    >> childen are taught to be clean, and maintain clean our property.
    >> An injury is an event that can be prevented,cured, and/or defined; Not a
    >> birth defect, not a declining state of health.
    >> In the early years there were individuals that would cook houses to
    >> rapidy develop mold conditions by soaking carpets, sealing doors, and
    >> walls. The litigation at that time was mold was gold. Fraud was being
    >> committed.
    >> There are generations of old timers, pioneers that have had 100 year old
    >> dwellings with no air conditioning, and that old stale smell of antique
    >> that lived on into their years.
    >> Its a message that if you and your belongings smell stale, and your
    >> possessions have mold growing from them, and your health is poor it just
    >> might be your nerves, and not the mold. ie. mold is not gold, get rid
    >> of it if it bothers you!
    >> jc

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