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    Re: Case Requested

    Posted by Sharon on 3/04/10

    Interesting. But one guy does not make an epidemic. Also, the only thing I could find
    in relation to this guy is money laudering charges and mail fraud.

    "Fred Rich was sentenced in US District Court,
    Corpus Christi to 50 months confinement, three
    years probation, a $200.00 assessment, was
    fined $5,000.00 and was ordered to pay
    $629,000.00 in restitution for Conspiracy to
    Launder Money and for Aiding and Abetting to
    Commit Mail Fraud."

    On 3/03/10, johncodie wrote:
    > mold-claims/
    > Feburay 6, 2009 Should be close enough to it still happens. Fred Rich, a public
    > adjuster, was recently sentenced to four years in prison and $629,000 in restitution
    > after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering that stemmed from false mold
    > claims and other acts of insurance fraud. Rich received a 10&37; commission for the
    > money his clients mostly his friends won from insurance companies after
    > inflating mold claims. At the same time he relocated the owners to one of his rental
    > properties where he profited from the incurred living expenses that were also paid
    > by insurance companies

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