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    Post: Moldy Court & OSHA

    Posted by Sharon on 3/20/10
    SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=35548 March 20, 2010

    3/20/2010 1:34:00 PM
    City settles with OSHA over court mold

    By Jon Hutchinson
    Staff Reporter

    COTTONWOOD - The Cottonwood City Council has approved a
    settlement with OSHA over the condition of the Cottonwood
    Municipal Court building. Former employees of the court had
    filed a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health

    The city had already confronted the mold problem in July
    2009 after the judge and public works officials
    investigated. The city sealed off two building additions
    that were below grade and trapped moisture. Officials
    determined the then-smaller facility should be returned to
    the retail sector and Cottonwood should find a more
    suitable court building.

    OSHA issued Cottonwood two citations on Nov. 24.

    The first citation identified the mold in the rear building
    additions and in some files there.

    The second citation referred to issues such clutter,
    identification of exit doors and equipment labeling.

    When the federal health officials met with the city,
    Cottonwood had already taken steps to remedy the high
    levels of mold in the additions. The city had decided to
    abandon the old court building and move to the former
    Carpet One showroom at Sixth and Mingus, opposite the Verde
    Justice Court when that building had been remodeled.

    OSHA agreed that as long as the plan goes forward on
    schedule, a nominal settlement of a $500 fine would be

    Two boxes of mold-bearing files were copied and
    incinerated, according to instructions by the Arizona
    Supreme Court and other non-critical.

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