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    Re: Healthcare Reform

    Posted by johncodie on 3/26/10

    When our country was founded as insurance and taxes were state
    issues and there was NO constitutional provisions for either;
    why do we think making a law now will bring health care, and
    cost into line? As one is a practice in science where the
    coustomer gets a general warm feeling of security; the other
    is a judicaly after the fact contract ruled; of non-tangible
    exempt set of paper promises.

    As an American Dream to become a self made millionair; has
    come the time line of putting in your half of millon in
    preimums in order to find that warm feeling are depends
    keeping you warm as you continue to wait for your next
    opportunity to be in the line; without having to step out of
    line for a bathroom break.

    Does a medical doctor even need medical insurance? Isn't that
    an oxymoron.


    On 3/25/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    > The Cliff Note Version is - taxes will increase, medical
    > costs will increase and the quality of care will decrease.
    > Not even the guys who wrote the thing and voted on it have a
    > clue what’s in the bill or how it will be rolled out. Of
    > course, taxes will be collected long before We The People
    > understand how the system will work or IF it will work.
    > Big government for little sheeple - the incompetent leading
    > the blind. We The People are no longer relevant.
    > Thomas Paine
    > On 3/25/10, Deborah wrote:
    >> Anyone read the entire thing? Is there a Cliff Notes
    >> version?

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