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    Re: Healthcare Reform

    Posted by Deborah on 3/27/10

    well put and my take on it too.

    On 3/25/10, Sharon wrote:
    > I think their original intent was honorable and surely if you
    > spend trillions of dollars something good will come of it,
    > somewher along the line. But in general, I think they lost
    > sight of the goal posts as they punted away our children's
    > economic future to the players for the corporate team.
    > Question: How do you punish the insurance industry for their
    > past misdeeds of greed and corruption in health care, wrongful
    > medical treatments, wrongful denials and undue influence over
    > US health policies and practices; and provide safeguards in
    > public health policy so that they do not practice these
    > deceptive tactics in the future?
    > Do you:
    > A. Take the monopoly of control over healthcare away from them
    > by adding competition to the equation that will force them to
    > fulfill obligations to their clientele if they desire to keep
    > their clients’ business - the basic principle of our economy?
    > Or
    > B. i.) Give them billions of taxpayer dollars; ii.) give them
    > greater control over healthcare and the medical community to
    > decide what is evidence based medical practices as a matter of
    > policy; and iii.) force all US citizens to pay to participate
    > in the "reformed" plan under threat that they will be
    > financially penalized if they fail to do so?
    > I would choose "A", but I think we just chose "B".
    > Sharon
    > On 3/25/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    >> The Cliff Note Version is - taxes will increase, medical
    >> costs will increase and the quality of care will decrease.
    >> Not even the guys who wrote the thing and voted on it have a
    >> clue what’s in the bill or how it will be rolled out. Of
    >> course, taxes will be collected long before We The People
    >> understand how the system will work or IF it will work.
    >> Big government for little sheeple - the incompetent leading
    >> the blind. We The People are no longer relevant.
    >> Thomas Paine
    >> On 3/25/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>> Anyone read the entire thing? Is there a Cliff Notes
    >>> version?

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