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    Re: Healthcare Reform

    Posted by Sharon on 4/03/10


    As I explained previously, I did Google. I found no legitimate reference for the numbers you cite.

    Can you provide the link to the website from which you took those numbers?

    I know you are able to cut and paste because that was necessary for you to post the numbers.

    Go to the cite again and cut the website address that comes up in the search at the top of your

    Then paste here.

    Thank you,

    On 4/03/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    > Please use your common sense and Google, Yhaoo or BING the information - it is public domain and
    > devilishly simple to secure.
    > The first step to vigilance is knowledge. Popular opinion should never be confused with knowledge.
    > Thomas Paine
    > On 4/02/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> Thomas,
    >> Use your common sense. You posted some numbers. But you did not post the source of those
    >> numbers, nor did you post information of the parent companies.
    >> If you could stop with the personal attacks professing I am being obtuse, coy, disingenuous,
    >> etc., it would be greatly appreciated.
    >> From where did the source for those numbers you posted come? Could you post the link?
    >> I am like JC on this one. A 3 percent profit margin for the insurance industry is not logical.
    >> And so you know, I have minor in accounting. Not that this makes me a genius, but I do have a
    >> fairly good head for how math works.
    >> You do realize that AIG, who we bailed out with billions, is an insurance company, right?
    >> You do realize that the trillions of tax dollars in the health bill is allocated to go to
    >> insurance companies to pay for insurance policies, right?
    >> If you could respond without making personal attacks, it would be greatly appreciated.
    >> Can you show me the link of where you got those numbers?
    >> Sharon
    >> On 4/02/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    >>> So when reality clashes with your opinion, you alter the reality.
    >>> Interesting
    >>> Thomas Paine
    >>> On 4/02/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>>> On 4/02/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    >>>>> Whether you choose to believe it or not, the facts are the facts. Insurance companies are
    >>>>> highly regulated. Their financial data is public domain. Simply seek and ye shall find.
    >>>>> Thomas Paine
    >>>> Another misinformed statement of facts. Of all the damning and breach of contract data
    >>>> obtained from multiple companies acquired to the final paying entity; the only thing in the
    >>>> settlment they gave a damn about was the $$$ settlement figure. So if it is not in court
    >>>> documents and had to sign an agreement not to divulge that figure; only the controller and
    >>>> the person who wrote the check, have knowlege. So if the insurance company is keeping the
    >>>> payouts confidential; how does the public get to see the amounts? The state regulatory only
    >>>> regulates the policy wording, and the suposedly reserves.
    >>>> The numbers that you are quoting are the numbers that the companies are posting after all
    >>>> their purported losses, expenses, etc. etc. Thats what is called doctoring the books, or
    >>>> cooking the books, or to other schemes called stealing from the stock holders.
    >>>> Net operating profit 3&37; mass ass. Ever wonder why accountants and CPA make a good living
    >>>> with simple addition and subtraction? They are able to create the best portfolio of numbers
    >>>> and accounts and the shifting of money. You may not be up far enough the food chain to see
    >>>> the stratagies starting on the health care reform; but the day after the health care reform
    >>>> law was signed there were statagiest working on new products to maxamize the bottom line.
    >>>> It got published on the internet as 3&37;, and that makes it so! Right there next to it is
    >>> my
    >>>> dream home that I just won!

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