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    Re: Healthcare Reform

    Posted by Deborah on 4/05/10


    It seems TP avoids answering direct questions yet continues to make ad hominem attacks while spouting
    quotations and ephemeral numbers. The tactic seems hauntingly familiar.

    So who is really being disingenuous? I know someone who used to brag about being an "expert" in a
    particular field, someone who claimed to have regularly testified in court...this seemed to make this
    person an expert in everything. Since this person speaks with the solemnity of a preacher and the
    certainty of a physician, people often assume that the person does indeed have expert knowledge in
    whatever the topic of conversation is....and, this person is so often wrong that it is down right scary.
    I had to learn, the hard way, to double and triple check everything that issues forth, especially if it
    is something critical for me.

    I suspect that many so-called experts are this way, this is something you have certainly learned. 3%?
    I suspect the number is much higher, especially if the lavish bonuses and salaries are any indication.

    On 4/03/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Thomas,
    > As I explained previously, I did Google. I found no legitimate reference for the numbers you cite.
    > Can you provide the link to the website from which you took those numbers?
    > I know you are able to cut and paste because that was necessary for you to post the numbers.
    > Go to the cite again and cut the website address that comes up in the search at the top of your
    > screen.
    > Then paste here.
    > Thank you,
    > Sharon
    > On 4/03/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    >> Please use your common sense and Google, Yhaoo or BING the information - it is public domain and
    >> devilishly simple to secure.
    >> The first step to vigilance is knowledge. Popular opinion should never be confused with knowledge.
    >> Thomas Paine
    >> On 4/02/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>> Thomas,
    >>> Use your common sense. You posted some numbers. But you did not post the source of those
    >>> numbers, nor did you post information of the parent companies.
    >>> If you could stop with the personal attacks professing I am being obtuse, coy, disingenuous,
    >>> etc., it would be greatly appreciated.
    >>> From where did the source for those numbers you posted come? Could you post the link?
    >>> I am like JC on this one. A 3 percent profit margin for the insurance industry is not logical.
    >>> And so you know, I have minor in accounting. Not that this makes me a genius, but I do have a
    >>> fairly good head for how math works.
    >>> You do realize that AIG, who we bailed out with billions, is an insurance company, right?
    >>> You do realize that the trillions of tax dollars in the health bill is allocated to go to
    >>> insurance companies to pay for insurance policies, right?
    >>> If you could respond without making personal attacks, it would be greatly appreciated.
    >>> Can you show me the link of where you got those numbers?
    >>> Sharon
    >>> On 4/02/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    >>>> So when reality clashes with your opinion, you alter the reality.
    >>>> Interesting
    >>>> Thomas Paine
    >>>> On 4/02/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>>>> On 4/02/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    >>>>>> Whether you choose to believe it or not, the facts are the facts. Insurance companies are
    >>>>>> highly regulated. Their financial data is public domain. Simply seek and ye shall find.
    >>>>>> Thomas Paine
    >>>>> Another misinformed statement of facts. Of all the damning and breach of contract data
    >>>>> obtained from multiple companies acquired to the final paying entity; the only thing in the
    >>>>> settlment they gave a damn about was the $$$ settlement figure. So if it is not in court
    >>>>> documents and had to sign an agreement not to divulge that figure; only the controller and
    >>>>> the person who wrote the check, have knowlege. So if the insurance company is keeping the
    >>>>> payouts confidential; how does the public get to see the amounts? The state regulatory only
    >>>>> regulates the policy wording, and the suposedly reserves.
    >>>>> The numbers that you are quoting are the numbers that the companies are posting after all
    >>>>> their purported losses, expenses, etc. etc. Thats what is called doctoring the books, or
    >>>>> cooking the books, or to other schemes called stealing from the stock holders.
    >>>>> Net operating profit 3&37; mass ass. Ever wonder why accountants and CPA make a good living
    >>>>> with simple addition and subtraction? They are able to create the best portfolio of numbers
    >>>>> and accounts and the shifting of money. You may not be up far enough the food chain to see
    >>>>> the stratagies starting on the health care reform; but the day after the health care reform
    >>>>> law was signed there were statagiest working on new products to maxamize the bottom line.
    >>>>> It got published on the internet as 3&37;, and that makes it so! Right there next to it is
    >>>> my
    >>>>> dream home that I just won!

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