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    Re: Health Insurers Funded Chamber Attack Ads

    Posted by Thomas Paine on 4/15/10

    You should check your senses... and the facts.

    Thomas Paine

    On 4/14/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Thomas Paine,
    > These words of yours are true and of common sense:
    > "Forcing cost cutting measures without reducing the cost of
    > delivery only spells one thing - bankrupting the US medical
    > industry."
    > Most of the others, I sense are just common propaganda that you
    > bought the hype.
    > On 4/14/10, Thomas Paine wrote:
    >> Doctors across the country are already refusing to take new
    >> Medicaid/Medicare patients because the negotiated fees are well
    >> below treatment costs. This is not a problem of the insurance
    >> companies, this is a problem created by big government forcing
    >> cost cutting measures on a system that cannot possibly survive
    >> without either raising treatment costs or reducing operating
    >> costs.
    >> Forcing cost cutting measures without reducing the cost of
    >> delivery only spells one thing - bankrupting the US medical
    >> industry. Of course, our fearless leaders in Washington donít
    >> know how to balance a checkbook, therefore, operating within a
    >> budget is quite foreign to them. When the checks and balances
    >> are in, their only recourse will be to raise taxes. Forget
    >> conservative ideals and fiscal restraint; just raise taxes and
    >> increase the size of government - itís the progressive way after
    >> all.
    >> The best place to reduce healthcare costs is to implement
    >> significant tort reform - eliminate defensive medicine practices
    >> and reduce liability. Lower the cost of operations, and
    >> treatment costs will follow.
    >> Come November, We the People will take back our government from
    >> those who seem dedicated to our demise. Vote like your life,
    >> liberty and pursuit of happiness depended on it...
    >> Thomas Paine
    >> On 4/14/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>> On 4/12/10, Just Checking wrote:
    >>>> Only 10 - 20 million??? That's nothing!
    >>>> How many billions of dollars were spent by the DNC to ram
    >>>> the healthcare bill down our throats?
    >>>> Just Checking
    >>> Hey buddy can you spare a dime? I'm outside the soup kitchen
    >>> that was always popular but can't pay my fair share. Those
    >>> making over $250,000 willing to pay more taxes, 50&37;. Would
    >> all
    >>> those Millonairs in California be willing to fork over at
    >> least
    >>> $125,000 to a family down on thier luck? Why should I be
    >>> worried about health care, when I already know im starving to
    >>> death, both mentally and physically.
    >>> You know Heuy Long had the state employees paying a tax to
    >>> raise money for his re-election campaign. Some claim that was
    >>> a Dictatorship. That was in the Roosevelt era when a chicken
    >> in
    >>> every pot was catchy. City laws won't let me keep chickens in
    >>> my yard.
    >>> Where did all those work communes go, I did see a hippie on
    >> the
    >>> interstate the other day. Am I going to see Dr. Pepper or
    >>> become Dr. Love.
    >>> One thing for sure times are changing. When the local fat cat
    >>> politicians are tying their pants up with a string/rope
    >> because
    >>> they are starving too, and the local courts couldn't prosecute
    >>> due to the back log of trails, its time to ask China
    >> permission
    >>> to practice the long lost religion of democracy. If someone
    >> is
    >>> asking you to stick out your tounge, and disrobe it probably
    >>> won't be for your medical benefit.
    >>> Hey sister can you spare a dime?

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