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    Post: TRUTH OUT Sharon Kramer Letter To Andrew Saxon MOLD ISSUE

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 5/03/10

    TRUTH OUT Sharon Kramer Notarized Letter To Andrew Saxon

    Full story:

    "....I anxiously await your reply to my queries of your
    intent to assist to remove a scientific fraud in health
    marketing from US public health policy and from US courts
    that literally has your name and the University of
    California written all over it in violation of the
    California Constitution Article IX, Section 9 (f).

    "Thus the notion that 'toxic mold' is an insidious
    secret ‘killer’ as so many media reports and trial lawyers
    would claim is ‘Junk Science’ unsupported by actual
    scientific study” as paid for by the US Chamber Institute
    for Legal Reform (ILR) & Manhattan Institute Center for
    Legal Policy (CLP) in 2003 with listed co-author of Andrew
    Saxon M.D. UCLA."

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