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    Re: TRUTH OUT Sharon Kramer Letter To Andrew Saxon MOLD ISSU

    Posted by Mike B. on 5/06/10

    So, you're suggesting that your letter is going to somehow make
    them "see the light" as though you are some sort of authority on
    the science and health policy? FAT chance.

    You should be discussing the deadly fungus that has made its way
    down from Canada to Washington and Oregon where people have died
    from illness related to their exposures.

    On 5/06/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Thanks. Glad you like it. For anyone wanting to understand
    > how the false concept - that it has been scientifically proven
    > the toxins found in water damaged buildings do not harm humans -
    > became US public health policy; the story is all there and told
    > in legal documents and medical journal publications. The ball
    > is now in Governor Schwarzenneger's and the University of
    > California's court to undo this false concept and remove it
    > from US public health policy.

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