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    Re: TRUTH OUT Sharon Kramer Letter To Andrew Saxon MOLD ISSU

    Posted by Sharon on 5/07/10

    No. Has nothing to do with the science of mold. Has to do with the
    science of marketing & politics, and their impact on teaching
    hospitals, public policy and litigation. I am saying they have
    been provided irrefutable evidence that a document of political and
    sectarian influence that was paid for by a think-tank on behalf of
    the US Chamber; with the express intent it be made "assessible to
    judges" and that carries the imprimatur of the University of
    California - has been submitted into a legal proceeding as a
    purportedly scientific source reference for the courts to consider
    when denying the causation of the deaths of two new born infants.

    That is not cool to have occur for a university who is directed
    under the Ca. Constitution to be "entirely independant of all
    political and sectarian influences".

    Gosh, this was the paper I first wrote of in 2005 and how it was
    connected to ACOEM's mold statement. SAME listed authors (on the
    publication itself - not their CV's). NO ONE claims authorship of
    the US Chamber's "A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold"
    on their CV's.

    On 5/06/10, Mike B. wrote:
    > So, you're suggesting that your letter is going to somehow make
    > them "see the light" as though you are some sort of authority on
    > the science and health policy? FAT chance.
    > You should be discussing the deadly fungus that has made its way
    > down from Canada to Washington and Oregon where people have died
    > from illness related to their exposures.
    > On 5/06/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> Thanks. Glad you like it. For anyone wanting to understand
    >> how the false concept - that it has been scientifically proven
    >> the toxins found in water damaged buildings do not harm humans -
    >> became US public health policy; the story is all there and told
    >> in legal documents and medical journal publications. The ball
    >> is now in Governor Schwarzenneger's and the University of
    >> California's court to undo this false concept and remove it
    >> from US public health policy.

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