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    Post: State Farm Gets Slapped For Bad Attorney Behavior

    Posted by Sharon on 5/11/10

    The Court Order goes on to state:

    “Defendant, State Farm, and its counsel repeatedly and in
    bad faith engaged in litigation misconduct during the
    following court ordered depositions: Susan Hood I; Susan
    Hood II; Michael Carroll; Daniel Carrigan; Deborah
    Traskell; and Jack North. At the time of these depositions,
    State Farm had the right to control and is therefore
    responsible for the actions and positions taken by its
    witnesses and selected counsel who are attorneys retained
    on a regular basis by State Farm. Plaintiffs are awarded
    their expenses, costs and attorneys’ fees incurred for each
    of the aforementioned depositions so as to sanction State
    Farm for its obstructionist behavior and to deter future

    “State Farm’s counsel is prohibited from making any
    suggestive or obstructive speaking objections during all
    future depositions. Any objection made shall be limited to
    stating objection to the form.”

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